Everything you want to know about silo walls, hoppers and bin tops

Do you have any questions about our silo panels, bins, hoppers or bin tops before you complete your order? Please check this FAQ page first. Below you will find the most common questions and their answers all stocked together. Who knows, maybe you will find your answer just in time.

Our product
Why should I choose a square or rectangular silo?

For the storage of dry bulk, one often thinks of a round silo. Perhaps this has something to do with the smooth flow. However, a square or rectangular silo is a worthy alternative. Thanks to the square or rectangular space, no valuable surface area is lost. Due to the modular system, we work accurately and save space. Silbloxx square silos ensure optimum use of space. Our square silos share their side walls and contain 27% more storage on the same surface compared to round silos, thus reducing your carbon footprint.

Are silos easily transportable?

Our ingenious way of transport makes sure that a truck or container is optimally filled. Because of our compact kits you deal with sky-high transport costs.

Could Silbloxx deliver a silo for my specific industry?

We produce silo systems for a wide variety of industries like the food industry, coffee or cocoa industry, pet food industry, agriculture, breweries, plastics and other industries like the chemical industry. We produce all components in-house.

As a matter of fact, I would like to have a silo in a existing building. Is that even possible?

Sure. The silos of Silbloxx can perfectly be integrated in an existing building thanks to our modular system.

I would like to have a silo in Ecuador. Is that possible?

Silbloxx delivers silos all over the world. Please tell us when you expect the delivery of your silo. Then we will start with the preparations.

Can Silbloxx silos be re-used?

Our silos are recyclable in the broadest sense. Actually, our silos grow along with your storage needs. While expanding your current installation, the old silos can be re-used without any problem. Moreover, our silos are easily mounted and parted, so they can always be moved and re-used in a new or other production facility.

The quote
What does a standard silo cost?

The price of your silo depends on the amount and compostion you prefer. However, you can already make a perfect assessment of all the costs which are involved in your project by using our online 3D configurator. Please indicate what you exactly expect and how many silos you would like to have. Then our convenient 3D configurator makes a quick calculation, you will receive a quote in your mailbox. This way of calculation is very useful if you still want to check with the purchasing department.

My silo should be delivered within a short period of time. Can you do this?

We always deliver ‘JIT’. Thanks to our flexible attitude and drive we are proud to notice that all our customers are 100% satisfied about the quality, price and fast delivery.

My current silo no longer meets my expectations. Can I expand?

Our systems grow along with your storage needs. Expanding your actual silo or silos is no problem at all. Also, a renovation of the current silo and interim storage for products is possible.

Can Silbloxx deliver my silo?

Standard terms of sales are ‘ex works loaded’ but our friendly customer service can always support you with your freight. Our logistics department has many years of experience. Together with our partners we will always find the perfect freight solution.

Can Silbloxx install my silo?

According to our standard terms of sales the installation is done by the customer. However, you can always count on our customer service for any support regarding your installation. Moreover, our partners have lots of experience. They will always find the right solution.