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You get a quick solution for your project at the best price that meets the highest quality standards thanks to our unique 3D configurator and pre-engineered system.

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Silo elements

For our silo walls or panels, we make a distinction between smooth or flat silo panels on the one hand and corrugated walls or waved elements on the other.

Smooth silo elements

Smooth silo walls

Our flat, double-walled elements guarantee a smooth flow of bulk goods. Especially products that are more difficult to handle, such as flour, now have a smooth outlet. The outer wall of the smooth silo elements is not in contact with the stored product, thus preventing condensation in the silo. In addition, these panels are made dustproof and finished as standard with a high-quality food-safe powder coating. A wet lacquer finish is also possible. These systems are often chosen for the storage of flour, feed, ...

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Corrugated silo elements or corrugated silo walls

Corrugated silo walls

Also for products who easily flow we have a ready-made solution by means of single-walled (single sheet) profiled elements. Those systems are light in weight. Moreover, those elements are finished with a high-quality foodgrade powder coating. Also wet paint or galvanization are among the possibilities. Those systems are extremely popular for the storage of products like coffee, cocoa, rice, plastic granulates, …

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Hoppers or funnels

For our hoppers, we distinguish between square hoppers and round hoppers. These pre-engineered hoppers are designed for easy connection thanks to the universal fitting. They are used for both round and square outlets. As standard, hoppers are finished with a high-quality food-grade powder coating. A wet paint finish is also possible.

Square hoppers

Square hoppers

A square or rectangular hopper is a simple hopper designed for long-term use. This hopper ensures a perfect flow from silo to machine.

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Round hoppers

Round hoppers

A round hopper guarantees a smooth and flowing outlet of bulk material. Silbloxx has patented technology for round butterfly hoppers where the transition from straight wall to the spout ensures a mass flow. Such a butterfly hopper combines the best of two worlds. Not only is the space optimally used, as is the case with a square hopper. But it also allows for the perfect flow that is typical of a round hopper.

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Bin tops


Silbloxx silos are covered in a dust-free manner. The reinforced steel plates provide a hygienic, robust and safe floor on top of the silo cells. The standard load on top of the silo is a maximum of 2.5 kN/m². The bin tops are finished with a high-quality food-grade powder coating as standard. Wet painting or galvanisation are also possible.

Freight and installation

All Silbloxx silos are stackable. As a result, the silos are delivered as compact construction kits and containers or lorries are optimally loaded. The delivery takes place according to the FCA conditions. Would you still like support with the transport or installation of your silos? Please contact our friendly customer service. They will be glad to help you.