A Silbloxx silo offers a wide range of benefits


Modular silos of Silbloxx are as simple as construction kits. Thanks to the clever, compact packaging, the easy bulk transport and the user-friendly way of storage during the construction the job is done in no time. Moreover, this ingenious system is always expandable in the future. This way your silo grows along with your needs of bulk storage. 

Always a smart solution

Our modular system enables us to deliver a standard silo solution for every possible project. Thanks to our flexible attitude we always deliver just in time.


Our steel silos are Metal Recycles Forever™ approved. All our systems are re-usable, recyclable and circular. This way we surely focus on sustainability. As a matter of fact, Silbloxx silos grow along with the increasing storage needs of your company. By expanding your actual installation, you can easily re-use the old silos. Moreover, our silos are easy to assemble and disassemble. This way you can move and re-use them whenever or wherever you like.


Silbloxx silos consist of a wide range of standard, modular and re-usable components. Thanks to this standardization we are able to optimize the production flow, as well as the costs. That is how the price is strongly reduced. As a result, the price tag is a lot more affordable.


Silbloxx silos are made of European carbon steel or stainless steel of the highest quality. During the entire supply chain, we never lose our focus on quality. Our EN1090-2 certificate and ISO3834 certificate confirm this. We always aim for an optimal result whereby our customer is 100% satisfied. Moreover, we always try to ameliorate our service. In addition, all our silos are deliverd with a CE documentation. In short, our silos meet all standards.

Easy assembly

Silbloxx silos are easy to assemble. Thanks to the efficient, standardised silo system you can install them in no time in any place. The silo columns are bolted together, layer by layer. That is why the system is very easy. Please make use of the clear manual for an easy assembly.

Configurate your silo here and ask for the estimated time of assembly.